Released in late 2014, The Wellfeds debut CD “Short Man Syndrome” is getting noticed

Tom Carnes of KFAN 107.9 FM in Fredericksburg, Texas, loved what he heard.
Carnes wrote, in part, “…Short Man Syndrome, is a refreshing collection of honest and
authentic songs with none of the well-worn clichés, product placements, name dropping, or
lifestyle mumbo jumbo all too prevalent in Texas music today. JD Wellfed writes well-crafted,
fun, witty, and compact story songs...good, honest music; music that happens to be from Texas,
but doesn’t overplay the Texas card.”

Writing for American Roots UK, Mike Morrison praised not only the songwriting, but the music
as well. He wrote, “The instrumentation couldn’t really have been better selected, providing a
nice colouration that allows the stories to stand out with the listener gradually finding that the
easy going tempos allied to those excellent lyrics become quite addictive...I’m strongly
reminded, certainly vocally, of Guy Clark and John Prine.”

From festival stages to small village taverns, performing solo or as full band, The Wellfeds are
well on their way to leaving an impression on the americana/acoustic country/folk/singer
songwriter scene.